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Over The Edge

Want to go Over the Edge?

The 74 Club is an organization that began in 2003 with a New York City hot dog cart and a few friends from various backgrounds and talents. The common denominator was the willingness and desire to give of themselves for the sake of others, ask nothing in return and have fun while accomplishing this.

Our group grew in members and helped many people, families and organizations along the way. Unfortunately, in 2010 one of our own members became our mission. Lydia Leon Bennett was diagnosed with cancer. It was then that we realized how important and essential our work really was. Lydia’s battle with this dreadful disease inspired us to incorporate as a 501C3 non-profit organization and we officially became the “The 74 Club”

We held our first annual Lydia Leon Bennett Golf Tournament in August of 2010 and continued to remember our faithful member every year since. We are an organization who welcomes anyone with a warm heart and a desire to give to others to be part of “The 74 Club”. It is a great honor to see so many people of different faiths, backgrounds and cultures working together for the betterment of others.